Living Full time in a Camper

“Oh my gosh! You live in a camper year-round? And just travel from one place to the next? That is literally my dream!” says everyone I’ve ever told about us living in a camper. And let me tell you what, it is a dream come true; from seeing new places, to having all of our belongings travel with us no matter what, to meeting amazing people. My life is what some people only dream about and I am truly blessed.

the montana scene blog

We (Dalton, our two dogs, and myself) started on this journey a year ago, leaving behind family, friends, and Montana. We started in Wyoming, then moved to Utah, Reno, Nevada followed and now we are currently living in Idaho. I am lucky enough to not work, which means that I explore the towns and nearby hiking areas. We spend anywhere from three months to nine months in a town, which really gives me a chance to immerse myself in the community. I get to know people, find all the best restaurants, and enjoy the town on a personal level. 

Living in a camper full time is not a lifestyle for everyone, but for anyone questioning if they should or not, I say YES! It makes you realize how little you can live off of; we don’t have more than what we need. What I mean by that is, there is only so much storage in a camper. For instance, we keep a full set of pots and pans, but only two baking sheets. We have four plates, and four glasses, and since I LOVE coffee so much, we have about ten coffee cups. Anyways, we have really learned how to simplify our lives. This experience has taught us to value what we have and to buy only what we really need.

the montana scene blog

Being confined to a small area with two dogs and another person might seem crowded and at times it gets that way! But for the most part, it has brought Dalton and I closer as a couple. We can’t go close ourselves in a different room, or sit by ourselves and watch television. We are always together in the camper and that makes our relationship so much stronger! We are away from family and friends, so we have to rely on each other and be each other’s best friends. We cook together, watch television, clean, and enjoy sitting outside with our dogs. We always joke that when we do finally settle in a house, way in the future, we aren’t going to know what to fill it with! The idea of living in something bigger is just unfathomable to us right now! How could we possibly need anything more than what we have right now? 

Traveling around is such an amazing thing to experience, to anyone traveling in a camper, make sure you get out and see as much as possible! Don’t be afraid to try new things, find out what is special about the town, and do it! I have learned many tips and tricks since living in a camper, some I learned the easy way, but most the hard way! Not that that is a bad thing. At least I know now and can share my knowledge with others! 

the montana scene blog

  1. Learn how to take quick showers. Otherwise you will end up freezing cold after every shower! (Unless of course the R.V. Park has showers on their property, then use those!)
  2. Buy a 75-100 gallon propane tank, a lot of places will sell propane in bulk so you will save some money! And in the winter you won’t be worried about changing out propane bottles all the time.
  3. Check your propane bottles in the winter! Your camper will get really cold when you run out of propane in the middle of the night.
  4. Always keep a small space heater in the storage area.
  5. In the summer, leave all your tanks open EXCEPT the sewer. Always keep that closed until you have to empty it.
  6. In the winter, keep all your tanks closed until they need drained, otherwise you end up with frozen pipes! 
  7. Keep the storage underneath organized, it will make your life easier!
  8. Get your camper skirted, you will freeze up a lot less if you do. 
  9. Keep your camper clean, it takes 15 min every day to clean the WHOLE thing! A small mess in a normal sized house might seem like nothing, but in a camper it is noticeable.
  10. Enjoy living a simple life, take advantage of the traveling and enjoy your small space. 
the montana scene blog

Living in a camper can be hard at times, but 99% of the time it is truly wonderful. We take advantage of the simple way of life, and it has changed both Dalton and myself for the better. It has helped us save money, give up unnecessary items, and enjoy life more. The camper is OURS, we don’t rent so the space is ours to do with as we please! Our journey is just beginning and we plan on camper living for the next ten years or more. We can’t wait to see more places and continue learning all the quirks about our camper! 

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