Fallon, Nevada

Today the dogs and I decided to take a quick hike not too far from home. We drove to Fallon, Nevada, and found some cool places to hike around. The dogs are having a harder time hiking as much as the days slowly become warmer. Even early in the mornings, the sun is almost always shining and they get hot fast! So to keep them safe and from having a heat stroke, we have been cutting our hikes short! In this case it was a good idea because we were told that there are a lot of rattle snakes in the area and that we need to be extra careful!


We started at the Hidden Cave Trail parking area and hiked to the Grimes Point parking area. The weather for me was great! The wind was blowing a little so I didn’t think it was too hot! Along the trail are all these cool markers that have information on them about the surrounding area, I really enjoyed being able to learn a little bit more about where I was hiking. The first marker was at a cool petroglyph of what looked like a lizard. There are many more petroglyphs at the top of the mountain to look at! Unfortunately we didn’t go to that side because of the snakes. We were actually stopped by a runner who told us that at the next cave was a rattle snake and that he ran around there all the time! He said that he stays away from that side of the basin this time of year because of all the snakes, but that if we stayed on this side we should be fine! It was nice to have someone tell us this because I would have hiked all over that basin if he hadn’t! Honestly I am always a little leery of running into people on the trail, but sometimes you can meet really neat people!

If I remember correctly there are four or five caves in the area but we only visited two. The information at those two caves told me that they were likely formed from waves from the lake that used to be in the valley. Once the lake receded, cave dwellers used them as shelters. (I am getting all this information just from what I read on the trail.) Now from where we started, the petroglyph came first, then not far up the trail was the first cave and just a little further was the second one! I think we started at the best spot because of all the things we saw right away. If we would have stayed left at the Y in the trail it would have taken us to the rest of the caves and to the other petroglyphs. Instead we went right and it took us to the top of the mountain.

Race to the Top

From here we could see the whole valley! The trail followed the ridge across until we came to one last area to stop and read some more history! On our descent to the other parking area, Case found a little lizard hiding in the rocks! He was so funny to watch jump around and try to figure out what the lizard was. I decided not to go back the way we came because the dogs were getting way too hot! So we just walked the road back to the truck. Our trip was about 4 miles and honestly very fun! I eventually want to go back and maybe not bring the dogs, so that I can go check out the other side of the basin and not worry about them getting bitten by a snake. The hike itself was easy, the only hard thing might have been the loose rocks on it, but the hill incline and length were easy! Make sure you bring lots of water because there is no water anywhere out there! Wear sturdy shoes and watch out for snakes!

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