About Hope

Hi I’m Hope. My whole life I have been in love with the idea of traveling the United States and the world. On September 2, 2018 that dream became a reality. I am not your typical travel blogger, in fact I would consider myself to write equally about travel, hiking and just my life in general.

My life consists of moving from town to town, state to state and living there for 3 to 6 months at a time. This length of time living in one place gives me the ability to really immerse myself in the community. More importantly I have the ability to find all the secret hiking spots, best fishing areas and the prettiest views in the valley.

I have two dogs, both Golden Retrievers, who go on every single hike and fishing trip with me. Although they are not always the best fishing partners! I live a traveling life style, in a camper, moving around and exploring new places all because of my Fiance, Dalton, who is a contracting lineman. His job requires us to move around and it fits perfectly with my want to travel.

Hope, Dalton
Case, Peyton

Growing up in western Montana, a small town between two mountain ranges and a lake less than a mile from my house, I had the blessing of living in the most beautiful state. (I am a little biased towards Montana.) I grew up, hiking all over in the mountains, fishing in lakes behind my house, snowmobiling in the winters, boating and floating rivers in the summer. For a long time I never thought about leaving my home town, it was too beautiful and perfect for an outdoor enthusiast like myself. However my mind changed when I went on a school trip to Guatemala. At 15 my life changed forever. I felt a desire in my heart like I had never felt before and it still burns in there today. Lucky for me though, I am starting to fuel that desire.

Our first town was in Fort Bridger, Wyoming. Small, quiet and surrounded by some incredible hiking areas. In that time I was also lucky enough to travel to Jamaica and enjoy some warm weather for awhile! Our next spot? Who knows! That is one of the perks of what we do, we never know where we will be going next until about a week before we go!

I will have many hiking stories, tips for where to go, phenomenal local places to eat, fishing stories and some stories that are just plain funny involving my dogs. I found a love for writing in high school and followed that love to college. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from The University of Montana Western. There I co-authored a chapter and co-edited the book, “How Women in STEM are Portrayed on Television.” I have tried out many different jobs: I was a title clerk, waitress, cashier, barista and did transcription. None of them gave me the happiness that writing does! So why not start writing about all the fun things I do everyday?

I’m so glad you came across my blog! Enjoy the stories, share them with your friends and I hope I can inspire more people to get outdoors and enjoy life!

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